Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Memory Suck (Dream Worlds Project)

Last night I got closer to success than ever before with my efforts to record my dreams. The first computer programmed phone call came at 3:30, and I accidentally hung up on it (damn subconscious), but it primed me for the second at 5:30 this morning.

I was dreaming, my phone started to ring, I remember experiencing all memory of the dream getting washed away by the ring of the phone. My ringer (the NES Zelda ending theme) erased my memories. All I had left to tell my computer's recorder was that mere seconds ago I had been insulting someone, somewhere for some reason.

But (bright side??), my glitches aren't all attributable to human factors, it turns out that my recorder catches the phone ringing, and my answering machine message, but it can't pick up my voice when I speak. I might have accidentally switched sound drivers, or Skype might be playing tricks. The dream world project continues to be bogged down by reality, but it will manifest!