Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Your friends are extensions of you.

So there is simply too much wonderful stuff to do in life, and not enough me to do it. That is why I have started internalizing the accomplishments of my friends. I have found, with two cases in particular, that on seeing the exciting accomplishments of friends, my own longing and sense of unfulfillment to do whatever they did decreases. Two examples:

I've read a bit and been curious about California Central Valley migrant labor life. My friend Ghe was looking into someway to do premed work outside the making-money-off-of-premeds industry. After a good brainstorm, he is planning to go deep into California and see how he can help. And now, strangely, I can internalize his accomplishments and feel like I don't need to do anything like that. Almost like 'it's taken care of'.

Second. I was a late bloomer to computer culture and would love to have learned to cause a little trouble and get into the deep deep underbelly of how nets work. But, even though it's never too late to do anything, I feel like it is probably awfully late. But now that I have hooked my 11 year old brother in the Philippines with a Linux laptop and lots of tutorials, I feel like I can raise hell vicariously through his own significantly less regulated exploits.

You can't do it all, unless you do it all through your friends. It is a great alternative to being jealous about their accomplishments (admit it happens) and you get a lot more done. I have to admit that there both of these examples have a trait which makes it much easier to identify with the accomplishment. In both cases I planted the seed and passed it on. I can see that it gets harder to feel a part of other's accomplishments the more indirect your influence over it. But if you are going to live a life of air ball self delusions, you may as well pick exciting ones. Why stop at friends? Imagine taking everything that happens as your fault/accomplishment. Maybe it isn't true, but it is more true than its opposite.

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