Sunday, September 30, 2007

Making a Berkeley of Cambridge

OK, small triumph. In Berkeley California it happens often enough that you've seen someone (of either sex) naked before you meet them. It would happen through parties, ceremonies, hot tubs or any other kind of outlet. I like that. Its personal.

I haven't really found the Boston area as likely for that, and you can't blame the weather. That said, it's probably my provincial Cambridge circle, which is expanding. I've heard tell of a few hottub mailing lists, and some friends saw a guy at a laundromat that they 'met' at a sex party.

NOW, I'm happy to say I'm finally pulling my own weight as far as bridging the ethics. In the past week I've made THREE friends who saw me (mostly) naked before meeting me, and who aren't afraid of me for it.

I say that's a pretty good start, even if I was the only one without clothes on at both parties (besides Romie, but he hasn't made any friends from it yet).

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You Ate It said...

Dude. You guys have naked parties?! That's awesome. You should come by East Campus sometime. We have a ton of them as well.