Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lifetime warranty

I have a pair of nice headphones, worth 70 bucks or so, that I got brand new for 6. How? I found a broken pair in the junk bin of a garage sale, sent them in with the cost of postage and got a brand new pair a few weeks later.

So, browse the Google results for "lifetime warranty" and commit to memory whatever brands strike your fancy. You can let serendipity do the rest.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Seth Frey,

It has come to our attention that you wish to receive reimbursement for a non-operational ear phone product (EUSTACIA 34500X). That product is no longer sold, or at least legally.

Ever since ear phones beaome the unlikely vector for "drummin'", a ear-transmitted narcotic popular among children of the erstwhile skater subculture, not to mention Iraqi war widows, we have discontinued its production. The FDA, the BBB, and the FCC have all counseled our company and informed us that we are not in breach of the "lifetime warranty" label.

The FCC was consulted because drummin' gives its users the ability to interfere with radio signals when undergoing a "high," though it should said only AM listeners have reported disruptions of their broadcast programs (usually during sports talk programs).

In closing, do not contact Bose regarding this or any other line of EUSTACIA ear phones, as we have been instructed to report all such inquiries to the aforementioned federal agencies. The BBB is not an entity of the federal government, but they indemnify us against claims of being substandard in our practices.

Juan Velasquezcruzazulruiz